Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I have been bitten by yet another crafting bug!  This time it is weaving.  

I started out buying a 4" pin loom and starting making small 4 inch handwoven squares.  These I turned into sachet pouches filled with lavender blooms.

After I did these, I started making more squares and trying out all different weave patterns.  I want to make these into a lap blanket for my sofa.  Here are a few of the patterns I made.

 I was on a weaving group FB page and met a challenge to do a "book cover" using my weaving.
Then I bought a magazine Easy Weaving for Little Looms and found a pattern for a clutch purse.  Decided to modify the pattern and make a tote instead.  I used Silk Sari Roving as the warp and then wove the weft with acrylic knitting yarn.
Of course, I cannot forget the Branch Weaving, which got me started in the first place.
There is so much to share about each one of these kinds of weaving and I haven't even discussed floor looms yet.  I have played with those already too.  Guess there will be more blog posts to come.

                                      -sandi and lilbit

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


March has been very busy with family activities.  Mainly, wrestling.  Our Middle School grandson is a very serious wrestler and this year he was advanced to the high school junior varsity team to wrestle in some matches at that level besides his middle school schedule.  We did not make all the matches but we did make it to the Middle School Metro where he was named Most Outstanding Wrestler and to the High School State Tournament where he placed in his weight class.  So proud of him!

With some time left over, I did accomplish a few things in my studio.

This is a paper pieced wall hanging using the freezer paper method  of foundation paper piecing. 

This fun little piece is made of leftover "scraps" from a larger project.  The binding is not complete, but maybe that will be completed before March totally ends.  
Modern Quilt Guild Mini Swap was so much fun!  This is Foundation Paper Piecing using Freezer Paper.

I have a monthly subscription to Darn Good Yarn Mystery Box.  Each month there is a wonderful skein of something with a paper and a little surprise gift.  In March I received a skein of Silk Sari Roving.  I tried to knit with it and that was not a good idea.  It would simply shred too much.  Then I decided to weave with it on my Zoom Loom.  It did the same thing.  So, on my third attempt to use this beautiful roving, I chose to warp my Zoom Loom with it and then weave with another yarn.  That was the answer!

Several of these squares are made with  the Sari Roving.  This is the beginning of a woven table runner for my back porch dining table.

Another fun project with the Zoom Loom was making Lavender Sachets for drawers and closets.

I love playing with this little loom.

A friend loaned me her HFS Washcloth Square Loom to play with.  So, of course, I made a "washcloth" except that I will use it as a dish cloth.

This is pretty cool weaving on the diagonal.

The month is coming to a close and I know there were a few other things I worked on as well as doing a little gardening.  I guess that will have to be another post later.
Happy Spring!!

-sandi and lilbit

Sunday, February 26, 2017


2017 started off with a major clean up of my studio and all the closets in my home.  This was an overwhelming task.  Only a few small creative pieces were done in the month of January.

These are samples of the cleaning chaos at my house during that month.
Just one of the closets in the Studio
Dining Room furniture clean out

 So this is where it started.  I spent several weeks working on this.  
In the meantime, I was not creating much until one day I gave myself permission to "play" for a few hours.
So I made another scarf for Scarves for Charity Chattanooga.
 I started working on getting some of the blocks from the Kaleidoscope Kolor BOM from 2008 finished.
 AND, I began looking over some of my Christmas gifts to get ideas to start doing some Loom Weaving Projects.
Now, my house is finally in order and painted and I will begin to post more about my adventures in quilting, crafting, travel, and painting.