Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Weaving is so much fun.  In October 2016, my art quilt guild had a program and we all made little wall hanging tapestries on a cardboard and string loom.  This led me to start exploring weaving once again.  
This is made with yarn and ribbon snippets
I began checking Pinterest posts and these led me to find some blogs of weavers.  Then came some Facebook weaving groups and, of course, Instagram.  With all of this Social Media available it is really quite easy to find inspiration and sources.  

I discovered Branch Weaving and decided to try that.

The branches were easy to find in my backyard where we trimmed our trees and bushes.
This is my most recent Branch Weaving.  It is the largest yet.  This one measures about 3 feet wide and nearly 5 feet long.
Next came the Zoom Loom.  I found this little loom through a group of Pin Loom Weavers on Facebook.

I made this tote using my first pin loom squares.

After this I learned about a Saori Weaving demonstration by Gene Black, an Alabama Artist.  I headed down to Guntersville, Alabama and had a super fun time weaving on a Saori Loom and getting tips from Gene Black.

After this afternoon, my appetite was definitely whetted for doing work on a floor loom.  I really love the Improv style of Saori as well as the meditative influence of weaving.

More posts to come . . .

-lilbit and sandi