Friday, October 24, 2014


Collaboration is a very big word for something that was so much fun.  My SLKS group (acronym for the initials of the members) did a Round Robin, sort of, for several months.  I absolutely love mine and am still thinking about how I want to quilt it.  We only have a couple of months to get it finished because we want to show it at our guild meeting in December!

It started here.  I made this block and said that it could be used anyway the others chose, but I preferred asymmetrical layouts.

After two rounds this emerged...

Here is the final round added...

And then we all showed our pieces together...


and inside...

What a wonderfully talented group of ladies to hang out with.  This was a challenge for me!!

Our fearless leader, Linda, has already proposed our new group challenge project for 2015.  Wow!  more creative stretching is in store for me!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It is the last round of our Round Robin in the SLKS group.  SLKS stands for Sharon, Linda, Karen, Sandi.

We started this project about 4 months ago and I had Linda's top this month to add my two cents worth.

It started with an applique block of original design by Linda, then Sharon added her round which included the cute little bee, next came Karen's and she added the fence and another flower with a vine.  So, when it came to me I decided to keep it simple to emphasize the center work.  

Linda had this gorgeous gradated piece of fabric and I chose to use it and add simple asymmetric borders.


Saturday, October 18, 2014


Oh, I guess not!  Oh, well, my Pineapple Blocks are ready to assemble.

Should I line them up in a row like this

OR, should I line them up on point?

Of course I chose on point which then required setting triangles.

Some serpentine quilting on my domestic sewing machine.

and then binding and label

Ta-Da  All done!!!  And LilBit slept right through it all!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014


Several months ago a friend of mine saw a quilt that I was adding a sleeve on while we were in a meeting together.  She loved the quilt and wanted to know if I would sell it.  The answer was no because this quilt was already spoken for.  She asked if I would make her one "just like it".

Well, we all know that cannot happen if the line of fabric is more than a few weeks old.  I explained to her that I would have to research and see if I could come up with the fabric line.  If I could, then we could make a "similar" quilt to the one she just saw.

Of course, I started my search online.

I was able to find a fat quarter bundle of Moda's line called "Freebird" designed by MoMo.  Whew, that was great!!  I ordered the bundle and off we went to make the quilt.

Since the pattern "Lawn Chair Quilt" from Moda's Bake Shop called for a jelly roll, I had to cut the fat quarters into strips.  

The quilt is finished and ready to deliver to my friend/customer!!  It is not identical to the one she saw, but it does use the same fabrics.  I made sure that I did not refer to the original one while making   this one.  This one has a couple fabrics that are not in the other quilt and vice versa.

I hope she enjoys using this in her "cabin" in the woods!!

By the way, the original one was chosen as part of the BAQS Exhibit in Des Moines, Iowa for 2014 Quiltweek.

         -LilBit and Sandi