Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I have been bitten by yet another crafting bug!  This time it is weaving.  

I started out buying a 4" pin loom and starting making small 4 inch handwoven squares.  These I turned into sachet pouches filled with lavender blooms.

After I did these, I started making more squares and trying out all different weave patterns.  I want to make these into a lap blanket for my sofa.  Here are a few of the patterns I made.

 I was on a weaving group FB page and met a challenge to do a "book cover" using my weaving.
Then I bought a magazine Easy Weaving for Little Looms and found a pattern for a clutch purse.  Decided to modify the pattern and make a tote instead.  I used Silk Sari Roving as the warp and then wove the weft with acrylic knitting yarn.
Of course, I cannot forget the Branch Weaving, which got me started in the first place.
There is so much to share about each one of these kinds of weaving and I haven't even discussed floor looms yet.  I have played with those already too.  Guess there will be more blog posts to come.

                                      -sandi and lilbit