Monday, June 23, 2014


My family has been a part of my quilting hobby turned part-time business with passion for many years now.  They have endured hearing me chatter on and on about a project; they have been the recipients of some of my best work and some of my "learning curve" work; and they have even offered me suggestions for patterns to try for quilts.

My older grandson, Preston, became a senior in high school this year.  His ambition is to become a vet, so he started talking about college choices.  He decided Auburn University, with its reputation for having an outstanding Veterinary Medicine program would be his choice.

Of course, I began thinking about THE QUILT to celebrate his high school graduation and to send him off for his college career.  I had been talking about "the modern movement" in quilting that I see emerging.  Preston and I had been looking at a couple of the "modern" books I was reviewing.  He said, "Gram, I want you to make me a modern quilt." 

That launched the idea of a school quilt using the school colors in the style of the modern aesthetic.

First, I found the pattern in "Skip the Borders" by Jaybird Quilts that I wanted to use. 

I chose three shades of orange to use for the Courthouse Square and Half Log Cabin blocks.  The center square is Kona Flame, followed by Kona Carrot and the outer log is Kona Mango.  This gradation forces the design to stand out.
The other fabric I chose was a Marine Blue from Kona.
I loved it when it was completed.  The no-borders and the use of the Kona solids in the innovative layout of the "traditional" blocks made this a "Modern Quilt".

My college-bound grandson loves it!!!  What more can I ask for???
He said, "I love it!  I will use it all the time!"

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  1. I LOVE this quilt~ ~ it deserves to be treasured and used. Great job!