Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been using up random blocks from my leftovers drawer to make practice pieces for piecing and quilting.  I keep one near my sewing machine all the time.  It is a great way to test thread, stitch length, and tension.  When I finish I have a place mat that can be used for our daily meals.  Of course, they don't all match, but that is okay by me.

This is the last Maple Leaf block leftover from a set of step outs I did when teaching this class.

It has been used for practice for several months and today I have finished it off.

The binding came out of another drawer where I keep leftover remnants of binding I used for other projects.  I try to use the same width binding for all my projects and it makes it easier when I want to drag pieces out to use on a different piece.

I chose this plaid binding.  

I discovered that I had used it on one of the other place mats.
Take a look at the quilting techniques on these place mats.  They are not great work, but they served the purpose of me practicing and learning them so I could use them on my other pieces.

My favorite thread is Superior Threads Bottom Line in Shade 617 which is a taupe color and it goes with everything, even navy, black, and dark brown.  I use it for piecing and also for quilting.
 For projects that will be used and laundered a great deal, I usually add the binding by machine.  I think it is more serviceable and durable.

Okay, enough about the place mat, "Let's eat!"



  1. I am thinking about making a maple leaf quilt, using the fabric I dyed at the AQS show. I love the colors you use and what a great idea for scrap blocks!

    1. That fabric would make beautiful leaf blocks, Sam!