Tuesday, June 9, 2015


QAYG - I remember the first time I ever saw these letters.  I was browsing through blog sites and came across "The Quilting Edge" blog and there was a tutorial for QAYG.
I scooted over to the tute ( and therein began my love affair with the more modern day Quilt As You Go technique.
I have used this method many times and have made some changes to suit my way of working.

The first QAYG that I did was this little Rainbow Ticker Tape Quilt which I re-named Lady Aubergine! for the block in the upper left corner.

Lady Aubergine!

This is the back of Lady Aubergine!

Still doing QAYG as often as I can.  I will be teaching a class in this at AQS QuiltWeek Chattanooga on September 16, 2015  



  1. Wow! Now I think that is a very good fit. I'm glad you're going to be doing this class. Your teaching still influences so much of my quilting, that I think it's super for you to be able to continue sharing your passions. Proud to be one of your students!

    1. Thank you, Karaquilts!! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!