Sunday, June 10, 2012


Two cute little girls from Austin, TX
These are my grand nieces whose mother, Kerry, is my brother's daughter.  The girls are now three years old and I had not met them until this week.  They are adorable and each has such a cute personality. 

We took a walk around our gardens and down to our lake for them to see what all we had here.

Carli and I are discussing some of the plants we see.

Vivi is enjoying the scenery around the lake and looking for the snapping turtles.

Sandi, Nick, Heather, Vivi, Carli, Jere, and John  all looking for the bass and snapping turtles on the dock.

Nick is our nine-year-old grandson who is here for a summer visit.  He lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was his first time to meet his second cousins.  They are enjoying an ice cream cone after the long walk in the summer heat.

My son-in-law, Byron, Kerry, and Heather, my daughter, catching up on the news.

Two cousins, who were childhood friends, back together for a visit.

All of us, except Carli and Vivi, were all smiles.  Carli and Vivi were getting tired of all of this picture taking. Three generations of us.  What a wonderful visit.  Looking forward to our next time!



  1. Awesome family...that is what it is all about...Good times and wonderful memories with family and friends......

    1. My first time with these cuties and it was wonderful. I have already started quilts for them for their fourth birthday in January.

  2. I loved see the pictures and reading about your family. How much fun this time together was for all of you.

    1. It was absolutely wonderful, Lucy, and Nick had a good time with them, too.