Thursday, June 21, 2012



I am like every other grandmother on the planet --  I absolutely love and adore my grandchildren.  They are both boys and have distinctly different personalities.  It is so much fun to spend time with them.  Since we have limited time for their visits we put a lot into each day.

Nick came up for a three day visit this month.  The first day he got up really early and went with Papa to yard sell.  They both love flea marketing and rummaging in

A bite of bacon to tide them over until they finished their browsing and shopping.
A boy just gets thirsty doing all that buying.  He was helping these kids make some money at their lemonade stand.  Nick's comment "The lemonade was not good, but I didn't tell them."

Favorite find of the day --  a golf putter for 25 cents. 

Nick and Papa are entrepreneurs who are always looking for something they can re-sell at their own Yard Sales.  These ceramic dolls were the choice of the day.

To finish off the adventure they have to go to Lillie Mae's Place for breakfast.  This is our neighborhood diner where a country breakfast with all the fixin's is less than $4.  Nick loves to eat here!

 Nick likes to make jewelry when he comes to our house.  This time he made key chains/backpack pulls for everyone.

All of our grandchildren's grandparents live in the same town so they get to visit both sets on every visit.

He gave Nana the key chain that he made for her.

He and Papa George are having a laugh over some story they shared.
Nick giving Nana and Papa the "lowdown" on some adventure of his.

No visit is ever complete without time spent at the swimming pool.  This time we had lots of rain and had to dash to get a swim in between showers.

Our visit came to a close but we know there will be a "next time".



  1. Nick loves these visits!! Thanks for always making him feel so special!

    1. We love having him! These are the best days of our lives -- the days we spend with our grandchildren and our adult children. We love you!

  2. How much fun!

    First of all, seeing the picture of John with bacon in hand has made me hungry for bacon.

    I feel as though I was watching Nick with his family, his making the key chains, having fun with John. How lucky he is to have such a family.

    1. God has richly blessed us with a wonderful family!