Tuesday, September 25, 2012


From Espresso Junction to Lemonade Stand.  The original pattern was done in shades of brown with black accents.  I wanted a yellow quilt so I changed mine to yellows and teals/blues and re-named it "Lemonade Stand".
These were the fabrics I wanted to use.  To these I added some leftover strips from some other projects.

The first step was to create strata strips with the yellows that would be cut into blocks.

Next, I chose the teals/blues for this quilt.  The fabric at the very top of this picture is the fabric to be used to make the snowball blocks with the strata squares.

The other fabric used for making the snowball block was a neutral.  It is difficult to see the pattern in this fabric, but the name of the fabric is "Whitecaps".

I started making the snowball blocks.  There are  a lot of these to make and all are not configured the same way.

Trimming off the corners of the snowball blocks left these little triangles.  Not sure how I will use them, but, for now, I will simply hold on to them and see what comes to mind later.
A sneak preview of four blocks.  Do I like the color combo??? 
I.  LOVE.  IT!!!

First section is complete!

The first side inner borders are added.  Love the border triangle color contrast.

It has taken me a little while to get back to finishing this project.  Here is the top with the teal/blues border added.

Guess who is sitting on top of the quilt???

I wanted to show you these interesting scissors that a friend bought for me at a Sew and Vac store in Scottsboro, AL when we were on retreat.

I hope you can see that they are curved.  It makes it so much easier to cut around things.  I used them to trim the batting for the quilt sandwich.

I laid the batting out on the floor and put the backing on top of it and used the curved scissors to cut the batting to size.  Since the scissors were curved they did not get caught in the carpet at all.  It was so much easier than using my Dressmaker's Shears.  By the way, they are made be Gingher and only cost me a couple dollars.  I love a bargain.

This backing is made from the leftovers from the front of the quilt.

Of course, Lil Bit has to be in the picture!

The finished quilt hanging on my porch rail in the early morning light.

My friend, Ava, is teaching a class using this pattern at our local quilt shop, Sew Bee It, in November.  She asked if I would let her hang my quilt with her sample of the quilt to show the two different colorways.  I was happy to drop off my quilt to the shop owner to hang for a couple months to promote her class.

Another finish for September!



  1. I really love it. The colors are wonderful and cheerful. Beautiful as always.

  2. sandi...

    the color combination compliment each other perfectly, and what more can be said for your precious little model who accents your quilt! hope your hubby is doing well.... your hexie star is looking good, too!

  3. Thanks Sandi! I love the Lemonade Stand version--wonderful new colors for this pattern!

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  4. Oh Sandi it is so pretty and looks totally different then the other one.....sweet!

  5. Move over Laura Boehnke! Looks Beautiful, Sandi :)

    1. Thanks, Kara, but I will leave Laura's job to you!! LOL