Sunday, September 23, 2012


My last post was on my birthday.  What a wonderful birthday I have had this year!  That was over two weeks ago though.

This has been a busy month. Since my hubby had his first hip replacement surgery about 4 weeks ago, I have been the official chauffeur for him.  I have driven him to therapy three times each week; then he went back to work Tuesday a week ago and that meant taking him and picking him up.  Reminded me of carpool days with my children when you could barely sandwich a load of laundry and maybe  short trip to the market in and it would be time to head for pick up again.

He officially passed his "driving test" on Saturday and will now be driving himself for a while.  At least until he does the next surgery in about 4 weeks. 

I took a look at my studio and could not understand why it was such a wreck since I have not spent much time in there lately.  Every surface was piled up with stuff.  There was no way I could even begin to sew.
Just look at this . . .

The most important two things on this chest are my rulers and my mug hot pad.  I doubt that you can see either one in this picture.  What you do see are some "fish" wine bottles that my DH brought home from a yard sale months ago to add to my collection.  You also see a Zippy Strippy bag that I just plopped down after my Pbees and I finished our workshop.  The rest is just a "duke's mixture" of things that were not put away.  This chest is immediately inside the door and always ends up being the catchall surface.

Now, doesn't that look much better?  I love that little mini 9-Patch quilt that a friend gave me.  It was hand pieced and hand quilted by Betty Hicks in 1994.  We were both members of the Hamilton County Home Demonstration Club at that time.  The pincushion that is set on top of a terra cotta flower pot saucer was another gift from a guild when I did a program for them.  I think it was made by the late Betty King.

This end of the room has my cutting table and another design wall.  Look at all that leftover batting and stuff piled up on that table and the little TV tray beside it and another stack of crates and on and on...

This is better.  Now I can get going on the project at hand.

Yes, there is a sewing machine back there.  Of course there is another Modern project on the front of this table and a hand sewing project on the right side plus a stack of stuff on the left that includes a bin of selvages.

Now, I am ready to continue on this September WIP and hopefully finish it.

Whew! what a day.  However, it does feel good to have a clean workspace again.

Here is another distraction I have these days.  She is so adorable and I simply have to stop and play with her all the time.

During this month I have worked on a few other projects which will be topics for future blogs.  Keep watching.

Thank you again for stopping by my studio.  I appreciate your comments, too.  When you comment I feel like we have had a special visit.


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  1. Well I certainly am glad you got it all spruced up. I know how much you hate a mess. Happy stitching. And I am looking forward to your next WIP and adventure.