Monday, December 10, 2012


I am doing some of each step of the Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  Here are a few of my Part 3 units. 
I have chosen orange to replace the blue.



  1. Yey Sandi...they are great! Perhaps I need to just a few of each step too. Were there extra hours in the week when step 1 was posted - ever since step 2 I've been losing time..LOL.

    1. Lynn, I just do not have time to do all the parts and pieces right now but I want to particpate in the online chat and understand the nuances to the pattern. It is also nice to hear what others had a problem with and to know if I do or not. I changed to the orange for two reasons. I have a challenge coming up soon and that orange will put me in good stead and the other reason is that I did not have enough of the teal/turquoise/blue to have variety. I had just used so much of that blue color in a recent quilt.

  2. Looking good Sandi, I like your colors...we both have orange in there! Thanks for dropping by my blog, the snowy owl is beautiful isn't he...I live in Dawson Creek, BC Canada...up north :)