Sunday, November 17, 2013


Here we are for four days of sewing and sharing!  I made these little pincushions for favors for the  ladies.  They are paper-pieced and finish at about 3.5 inches square.  They are filled with steel wool and batting.  The steel wool will help sharpen  the pins and needles.

All of us (there are 15 quilters) made Rail Fence Blocks to exchange with each other so we could make small quilts to remind us of our new friends we made and the joys of being with old friends to sew.  We signed our names to them.

Here is my group of blocks with every one's signature.  Now I want to get them put together into a sweet memory quilt.

They may need some sashing.  I do not think I want them turned two different directions.

I  put these blocks together and had the sashing ready to add, but decided I wanted to change the cornerstones.  So I will finish these right after the holiday.
Someone gave me a layer cake with these fabrics in it.  I have not done a Twister Block quilt, so I put these blocks together and then did not have anything with me to border it.  I have brought it home to put on the border and to cut the twister blocks to make a cute little quilt.

I took this with me to Retreat because I thought I would separate it and do another strip and add some borders.  I changed my mind.  I like it the way it is.  That means it is now ready to be quilted and will make a nice Christmas gift.

This was a wonderful retreat with lots of great friends and fun and laughter and food!!!



  1. The pincushions were such a great idea and they are so cute, I know I love mine. I also like the way the quilt looks, nice!
    It was a wonderful retreat and I am so glad I went.....Thanks to you for all the work you did to put it together......

  2. I knew I would be missing a fun time, and this just confirms it. The pincushions look great. All your quilts look wonderful, as usual. My suggestion for the siggy blocks is this: how about putting them in the corners of nine patch blocks and then cut them in the disappearing nine patch style. Then all the signatures would be horizontal. You could make one more rail fence and write the details of the retreat in the siggy area.