Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The old adage, "April showers bring May flowers" did not hold true today.  We have a beautiful sunny day and I am so ready for Spring.

I wanted to bring some "sunshine" into my decorating for spring.  So I dragged out some of my quilted pieces and hung them up.  It does cheer me up.

Even my hubby commented on how the quilts brightened up the rooms.

In the living room I hung these two:

This one is hanging over the mantle. This is Lady Aubergine and it is a tad too long, but that doesn't bother me!!

I hung my "Open Windows" quilt over the quilt cabinet.  I added that globe that the hubby brought in from one of his flea market shopping trips.  I love the color of it. 
I put up my Springtime Garden Window Valance in the Breakfast nook.  This piece just makes me smile when I look at it.
This next piece is a recently completed piece in my Tree Series of quilts.  This one is called  "Fallen Trees and Spring Blooms".

I love the green batik background in this quilt.  The concept of this piece is the blooming spring flowers as a backdrop for the fallen trees along the river bank.  We have had a pretty nasty winter and many of our trees are down.  Of course, these will make for some nice habitats for the wildlife.  In and around the fallen trees we are seeing the early spring flowers sticking their little heads up through
the leaves on the forest floor.






  1. Lady Aubergine under the spotlight! Exactly where "she" belongs. And I love the others, of course :)

  2. Such bright and happy quilts! They look great.

  3. I agree Sandi these would brighten any room very inviting and happy colors. Happy Spring to you also.....