Friday, May 30, 2014


Oh my goodness!  What a merry month of May this has been!!  We have been very busy as a family with both of our grandsons reaching milestones.  Our older one graduated high school and the younger one is heading into middle school.  See my blog posts of May 23 and May 24, 2014 for a little introduction to these guys.

Earlier in the month hubby and I participated in Antique Alley Yard Sale.  We had two strong selling days and packed up early because of the rains coming in on the third day.

LilBit and I sat in the truck and watched the rain for a long time!

An annual excursion for us is a local Neighborhood Yard Sale.  This year was a bonanza buying year for us.  Since hubby is an avid re-seller at Flea Market and Long Yard Sales, he must constantly be looking for inventory.  This is such a fun Memorial Day Weekend Event for us.  We just take LilBit and browse through this very old neighborhood.  St. Elmo is a neighborhood that has very old homes that folks are buying and re-furbishing.  Many times they buy the house and whatever furnishings are left.  One of those houses this year was having a huge sale and Hubby was very happy!
Sorry I don't have any pictures. 

I love spending time with my family!  That means that I do not do as much quilting as usual. 

I did have one finish that I can show:

This was started several years ago in a Bonnie Hunter class and I just finished it.  I chose to do straight line quilting on my Bernina sewing machine and I love it!!  Bonnie calls this Virginia Bound.  I call mine Facets and Gems. 

I completed two other projects but I cannot show them yet.  They will be shown next month after they are presented to their recipients.  A third project will be shown next month after my Modern Quilt Guild meeting where it will be part of this month's program.

The other thing that has kept me busy this month is trying to clean up and de-clutter some of our flower beds and foundation plantings.  This has taken me over two weeks to complete.  I have a couple of pictures to show.

This section shows some droopy, transplanted calla lilies and some added stones.  Of course all of these beds had to have added top soil and then be mulched heavily.

In this section I added the ornamental stepping stones that were made of the footprints and hand print of my grandsons when they were each about a year old.  They have been in another flower bed in the back yard until now.
This Procumbens Nana Juniper is way out of hand here.  My plan is to slowly cut it back until I can remove it completely and then plant something less bulky.
There was one on the other side of the entrance and I removed it and replaced it with softer, cleaner plantings of variegated liriope and dianthus.  I like the looks of this so much better.
 Until next month when I hope to have a lot more to show. . .


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