Saturday, May 24, 2014


Our family has been really busy this year with our two grandsons each reaching a special milestone in their lives.

Nick is our younger grandson and he just finished elementary school at Bluff Park in Hoover, AL and is now headed to Middle School where he will continue to shine and continue to develop the leadership skills he started developing at a very early age.

Nick has been an Alabama State Champion in wrestling and excelled in being a terrific team leader and encourager of his teammates.

Later, he decided to play football...
He is very successful in sports despite being one of the smaller players.  He is focused and determined.  Two characteristics that will take him far in life are his natural ability to lead and his strong sense of self-confidence.

He has developed some strong friendships over the year since pre-school days. It was so much fun to go for lunch at school with him and to meet his friends.

Of course, having Nick come to our home for visits is always a treat.  He has such a great sense of humor.  We are always talking about "Nickisms" - those funny sayings he has to describe what he sees or hears.
He and I love to go out for lunch.
Fifth grade was his glory year.  He was elected treasurer of the Student Council and his responsibility was organizing the school store, keeping it supplied, and finding "staff" from his peers to run the store.  He is a great organizer and cheerleader of his peer groups.

Here he is with Elizabeth Ray Chapman handing out programs for the Awards Day Program.  Nick and ERay (as we affectionately call her) have been best friends since pre-school days.  She was elected President of the Student Council and the two have served as leaders of their class this year.

This young man received several awards at Awards Day and was recognized for having all As for the entire school year.

School work and sports are not the only interests of this well-rounded young guy.  He was selected to join the Birmingham Boys Choir this year.  He now spends many hours in practice/rehearsal and participated in the spring concert.

For you, Nicholas Taylor Smith, we send you off to Simmons Middle School next year where we know you will continue to make your mark as a leader and an awesome individual.
We are sending you all our love and our support!!!

                                                a.k.a. - grammy


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