Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It has been quite a while since I have had the time to attend my Art Quilt Guild called GreatFul Threads.  I made it to the meeting this month.  For the programs and projects this year we were presented with a basket filled with various techniques.  Each month the member chooses from the basket and makes a project to share at the next meeting.
My "draw" this month was Ruching.  I have seen Ruched Flowers on many embellished quilt pieces.  As I started to decide what I would do, I went to the internet and did a google search.  Lots of videos and tutorials popped up.  
Once I was sure that I knew what I was doing, I began my project.
Ruching is a French word meaning pleated or gathered.  I decided to do Ruching on some strips of fabric and then join them together to make a pillow.
This was easy enough.  I inserted this strata into more strips and created the pillow front.  
I decided to make a Ruched Flower to embellish my little pillow.

Here is how I did the ruching for the little flower.

I cut a strip 1.5 inches wide by WOF.  Then I folded it in half and pressed it.

Mark it with a ruler using the 45 degree line to form a "v" shape that looks  a little like rickrack.

Thread a needle and use two strands to sew with.
Starting at one end and, following the drawn lines, do a running stitch all the way to the other end.  
At about every 5 inches draw up the thread and the ruffle will begin to emerge.

When the entire strip has been stitched and gathered, then simply shape it into a circle and build the flower in layers.  I tacked it together as I went along.
I attached it to my finished pillow top and inserted my pillow form.

                                 Well, I think I like it!! 

                                     Too cute for words!


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  1. Beautiful. I want to do the flower. Thanks for the instructions.