Friday, July 24, 2015


Sometimes I become a procrastinator.  Do you ever put off doing things you don't like to do?  I have lots of deadlines coming up and I need to do a major cleaning of my home.  But, I wandered into the Studio to find my phone and about two hours later I came out.  This is what happened while I was in there,

 I came across a pile of scrap blocks and extra cut pieces from another project.

  These are pieces that are still leftover and I will try to work out more projects using them.

I took the first set of scraps and started playing.  It seemed that stars were happening but then I did not have enough pieces to make complete stars and I wanted to use up as much of the "stuff" as I could so the "tesselating" stars started developing.

So, how many stars can you find???

Let's take it another step and rotate the piece 45 degrees...

Maybe I like this orientation better.  What do you think?

Now I will decide how to finish this out.  This medallion is about 23 inches square.  I would like it about twice that size.  

Will post more as I add to it.

Now, I will have to get on to those deadline projects and some housekeeping.....



  1. BUT, - did you find your phone in there???

    1. Yep, right there on my sewing table under another project.