Saturday, January 2, 2016


Every year I think about making a quilt for each month of the year, or certainly for each season of the year.  Well, it has not happened yet.

This year is no different.  However, I was asked to make a special quilt for a very talented photographer in Austin, TX.  (Check out to see her awesome work.)  The quilt that resulted makes me think I would like to make another one for me.  It makes me think of Winter Star-Snowflakes.

She needed a quilt that was crisp and bright and would be a good backdrop for her winter scene photography.

She chose her color palette of cyan, azure, and lemon yellow with a pure white background.  All of these fabrics are from Kona.

The pattern for the stars came from Vintage Quilt Revival written by Katie Blakesley, Lee Heinrich, and Faith Jones.  This pattern was designed by Lee Heinrich.       

After I completed these blocks, I decided to go back and re-work the center and I reversed the positions of the yellow and white in the center pinwheel.

I like this much better.
It has now been quilted with an overall pattern using stars and swirls.  Thanks to Pat Pike who did a wonderful job with the longarm.

Kerry chose a toile for the backing.

Using such a drastically different fabric on the back and keeping in mind the possibility of using the reverse side for backdrops made me consider doing a two-color binding.

I cut the toile at 1 3/4 inches and the white at 3/4 inches which resulted in a 2" wide binding.  Next time I will alter these measurements because I would have liked the white to be a little wider and the toile a bit more narrow.

I joined the two together and then pressed in half and applied the binding to my quilt in the usual manner attaching the white binding to the top and folding the toile to the back.

I like the way the binding matches to each side.

I definitely will be using this more often!



  1. Sandi, this quilt looks fabulous! I love that binding and I can not wait to try it, probably on my meadow quilt!

    1. It was much easier than I expected. I definitely will use it more.

  2. Nice! I never thought of doing 2-color binding like this, but I'll pin it where I can remember!