Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I love working with selvages.  I make some neat mug rugs using them and keep several on hand for little quick gifts.

The other day I was looking for another quick little gift that I could use these selvages to make.

I started with a bin of selvages....
This is one of the bins of selvages.  

Then I took a stack of used Color Catchers ...

I foundation pieced my selvages onto the Color Catchers, layered them and quilted them.

I dug into my bin of leftover bindings to complete them.
After binding them it was easy to create the little felt inside layer to put needles in.

After adding the ribbon ties, I had a really neat little Needle Case.

Of course I could not stop with just one, so I used up all the mug rugs I had completed ...

Now I have a stack of Needle Cases ...

Love these!!!



  1. Love these and the idea - will have to copy cat you on this one!!! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at our guild meeting again soon.
    (Vivian Holmes = thimblevee)

  2. Oh, they make me smile! I love your constant creativity:)

  3. Well, Sandi talk about an AWESOME way to be kind to the environment and make a thing of beauty. Thank you!

  4. Just read this! Great idea! Wish I could think of things like this more often. Laura V.

    1. Laura, I just get lucky sometimes. LOL