Friday, October 5, 2012


There are some things that one should acknowledge about one's self and then make the best of it and go on with day by day living.  I am not very good at interior decorating.  I could look at magazines for days on end and never could I duplicate what I see.  It is pathetic.  My sister is a whiz at this.  She has one of the prettiest homes I visit.  Each time I go she has done something different.  Oh well, she can sing too.  Me,  I make a mean quilt!!

Having said all of that I am going to invite you to "tour" my home with its fall/autumn/Halloween decorations in place.  I have collected some things that I like and I use them in different ways each year.  Some of these things I have made and others have been purchased at shops and some really pretty things were made by friends of mine. 

Mostly I am just going to show you things I have "stuck" around and about.

I love this piece.  Last year my hubby and I went to the Ketner's Mill Fall Craft Show and I came across this cute little ghost.  That is metal roofing.  I thought it was just so creative.  It hangs on my front porch and in the evening it picks up the reflection from the street light.

This is a sweet little whimsical door piece that makes me smile and invites everyone to come inside.  It came from a retail store.

We have many rainy days in the fall months.  We have lots of trees, and, with trees come fallen leaves, and with fallen leaves comes tracking in onto the floors.  So I made this rug.  The technique is called "ladder hooking" and it is a monochromatic study in browns.  It does a good job inside the front door.  It is completely washable. 

Just outside the dining room is this narrow wall and it calls for something to fill it.  I made this piece last year using some of the orphan blocks I found in "The Drawer" of lost and found partial projects.  It does a good job setting the tone for the place mats on the dining room table (also made from "orphan" blocks).

I do love leaves, even those that get tracked in.  I have made another "leaves" piece to use on the glass top table in the family room.

Aren't these the cutest little
pillows you have ever seen?

My artist friend, Chris Sandow, painted these

little birds on silk.  I loved them
as soon as I saw them!

Originally they were going to be gifts for others, but I simply could not part with them. *sigh*

Don't you think they really make a fine addition to this fall floral arrangement?  This is really poor lighting but it is so rainy and foggy today.  The indoor lighting in my family room is not set up for good photography. 

Another fun piece I made was this wall hanging of witches.  The lowly Snails' Trail block really shines in this project.

Voted "Best Use of Artificial Eyelashes", this hangs over my fireplace in the family room.

I chose Ornamental Kale for the planter boxes on the front porch. I am anxious for them to "fill out" and show their stunning color as the fall months go on.  In the background you can see the yellow mums blooming.  They were planted last year and are not as large as I hope they will become over the years.

The Asparagus Fern still looks good and will probably hold until first frost or some really cold temperatures.  I added some silk flowers to the fern and left it in the plant stand beside the front door.  It is rather "mood" setting making a nice transition from summer to fall.

One lone, smiling pumpkin will sport a candle for Halloween.  This will be the invitation to "Trick or Treat" at our house.

After Halloween, I will add some more fall decorations and use some things for Thanksgiving.  It seems a shame to only get one month out of some of these decorations, but that is the way it is.

Happy Fall!!   Happy Halloween!!!



  1. Yes, you can decorate. I love coming to your house.

    1. And I love for you to come to my house!!!

  2. You have sew many cute things!!! The tin roof ghost is a hoot and all your handmade things are lovely

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Debby! Thank you for stopping by.

  3. What creative things you do come up with. I would like to learn how to make the rug that you made for the inside front door.

    1. Thank you, Lucy. I am planning to teach a class after the first f the year on Ladder Hooking Rugs. I will put your name on the interested list.