Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I cannot think of anything I enjoy more than having a "Play Date" with my quilting buddies.  Yesterday was that day.

It started out early in the morning when my friends, Linda and Sharon, came over to "stitch a while".

Of course, there was a lot of chatter and laughing.  Laughing is the best aerobics for the soul!

Linda is working on a beautiful applique project with these lovely birds.  She is a member of the Applique Bee Group that meets at the local quilt shop and they are doing a sampler BOM of lots of "feathered" friends.  I cannot remember the name of the book they are using.  Linda is using hand dyes and they are gorgeous.  This is her current monthly block.

Sharon has a broken finger and this makes it difficult for her to use her rotary cutter and ruler.  She wanted to start making some hexies so I showed her how to do those.  She made a few and then had to rest her hand.  She is checking out Bonnie Hunter's "Texas Tumbleweeds" quilt in the current Quiltmaker Magazine.

That is my Hexie Star Quilt on the corner of the table.  Sharon was using it as a guide for making her hexies.  Don't you love that beautiful blue she has there and in her little plastic bag is a luscious brown and the print that she will use for the centers.

Of course, Lil Bit was there and she was helping me do the hand sewing on adding the binding to the  "Believe the Dream" quilt.

Sharon and Linda left in the early afternoon and the Piecemakers Bee Group arrived in the evening.  The Pbees, as I call us, is 6 women who began taking classes together and eventually evolved into a monthly Bee Group. 
We have done one group project in a Round Robin style using one of M'Liss Rae Hawley's books.  Each of us chose our own fabric and passed it from one to the other each month with each making 1 large and 2 small blocks to put in our finished samplers.  We had a lot of fun doing that.
Another year we made individual projects together and I taught them several different techniques in several little mini workshops.

Last night each of us was working on finishing something we had started.  Everyone was doing hand work.

This is Carol, and she is putting binding on last year's Sampler BOM that we all did together.  Love the pink and brown and her ribbon border is stunning.

Phyllis had a completed table runner in nice golds and browns.  She also had one of her log cabin blocks to show for the Eleanor Burns' Christmas Wreath Wall Hanging she is making in a class she is taking. 

Her other "Show and Tell" was a completed project from our last Workshop on the Lake.

Linda had her project from Workshop on the Lake as well.

Isn't this gorgeous??  Linda made this as a BOM at a nearby quilt shop.  It was the Saturday Sampler.

Suzan was telling us about baby sitting her new grandson.  She is the sitter for Mommy to go to work each day.  Later on she was learning to make hexies, too.

I was adding the binding to my "Quilter's Playhouse" quilt.

We missed Sandy, who is away on vacation.  She will be back with us next month.

Maybe I will have another post from this group next month.  Are you inspired yet??



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day shared with friends,and with show and tell. And that was only a teaser, showing us only such a small corner of you hexie quilt, can't wait to see your progress. Enjoy your day! :)

  2. What infectious fun you had with both group. Lovely work done by all.


    1. If is infectious fun, Mary. Love the way you phrased that.

  3. Oh Sandi you are so right, being with your quilting buddies is good for the soul, I had such a good time and am looking forward to receiving my hexie templates soon. Oh and Lil'bit is so sweet that I now think there are 4 of us in the group....Looking forward to next month!

    1. Lil Bit is definitely a "Quilting Buddy". LOL

      See you soon.