Friday, November 30, 2012


This will be my third Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  This year I was going to pass on it and just collect the clues.  I thought it would be better to do this project in January.  That has all changed.

After the Introduction came out with the fabric requirements, I was still convinced I wasn't going to do it because I did not have enough fabric in the color families and I did not want to start working on substitutions.  I am trying very hard to work out of stash.

I could not get it off my mind, so I started looking for fabric in my stash and found a few pieces.  Looked some more and found some more.

Ultimately I found enough fabric to do the quilt.  So here goes.
This is where I would normally post a picture of the fabrics, but I am, once again, having difficulty with Picasa Albums about posting my pics.  I posted the pics directly to Facebook.  The colors I chose were the same colors that Bonnie used.

Sorry this is all words and no pictures.  Maybe soon I will be back to posting pictures with my words.



  1. Did you find the html scrip in picasa for a slideshow or pic and put it as an add on?
    I know you did. It must be a blog quirk day.
    Hugs B.

    1. Actually, Brenda, I don't believe I did that. The message says I have used up all of my Picasa space and I need to purchase more Picasa space???

  2. I look forward to your pictures and watching your quilt evolve.