Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is another special exhibit from AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, Iowa.
This exhibit was from the Central Iowa Textile Artists.  CITA came into being in 2013, when six people with an interest in textile arts decided to meet on a monthly basis to encourage and challenge each other. 
Today there are 13 members of this artist's group.  Of the 13, three are now published authors, four have pattern companies, six teach classes in various techniques, two have hand-dyed fabric and/or clothing companies, and all are award-winning artists.
All 13 members of CITA participated in this color exhibit and are listed below with the pure color they were challenged to use as the focus of their quilt.  They could use the tints, tones and shades of this color as well as small amounts of other colors.  The focus colors were taken from the even numbered cards in Joen Wolfrom's Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool (colors based on the CMYH of today's printers).  Each quilt is 15" x 30" and designed without a visible binding so when hung side by side there is a continuous flow of color from one to the other.
The art work on display represents numerous techniques which include piecing, painting, hand dyeing, machine quilting, hand embroidery, free-hand machine embroidery, applique, beading, and couching.  Textile fibers in these quilts include cotton, silk, wool, and polyester.

My photographs are not the greatest but I wanted to share these with you because I was so inspired to work in a color challenge that I might give myself or find some friends who are interested in doing the same project.
You might check the list and google some of the artists.  I found a couple of their websites and some are on Facebook.

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  1. Sandi what an awesome challenge......they look wonderful. Thanks for sharing..