Thursday, October 31, 2013


Years ago when I was active in Garden Club, we were getting ready for a Flower Show.  I wanted to do a piece with sharp clean lines that was like the Japanese style called " Ikebana".  When I told the director of the show that I was doing an Ikebana piece, she quickly corrected me and said that I was doing a piece in the "Ikebana" style.  I couldn't call it "Ikebana" because I had not been properly trained in the method.

So this little quilt I have done is in the "Gee's Bend Style".  It is a rendition of an original Gee's Bend quilt called "Rooftop".  Since I am not a Gee's Bend quilter, I must say it is in the style of Gee's Bend Quilts.  The fabrics I have used came from Windham Fabrics and have a wonderful brushed cotton finish.

This is a small throw size that could be used as a table cloth.