Sunday, December 1, 2013


For many years I started planning the details of the decorating for the next Christmas season around January or February of each year.  I made ornaments and knickknacks to use around the house.   I would choose a theme and then sew and craft almost all year.
 My daughter always enjoyed having several decorated Christmas trees in the house.  One year she quipped to one of her friends about our large "main" Christmas tree that "that tree is Mom's Better Homes and Garden tree and the others are our 'real' family Christmas trees".  We had kitchen trees with cookie cutters tied with ribbon; we had a tree in the library with musical notes and instruments; we had a tree in the den that had all of our family's collected ornaments, including the hand made ones of our children.

I displayed several of our "collections" which included a collection of hand crafted angels.  That collection, as well as the Nativity scene collection made from empty egg shells, have gone to "live" at my daughter's home.

I have come a long way from the BH&G tree days and now I have a simpler style of decorating.  I begin with changing the quilts that hang on the wall.  I do a small one over the fireplace and a larger one on the focus wall of the living room.

This is a paper-pieced wall hanging that is called "Falling Leaves".  I hand quilted this one.  It was a great practice piece because of the "busyness" of the background fabric.  I love the red and green of the leaves.  I guess it really should be an autumn wall hanging, but the red and green fit in with my Christmas decorating.

This is called "Yule Time in the Cabin" and is made with Batiks.  I made this one several years ago, but I never tire of it.  The "chimney" or "heart" of the Log Cabin is all the same fabric.  I love the hand dyed fabrics for the variety of color ranges. 

The quilting is pine needles that were free motion quilted by a friend of mine, Martha Steele, on her domestic sewing machine.

More decorating to follow . . .



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  1. Very pretty quilts never fail to amaze me with all your beautiful quilts.....