Sunday, February 2, 2014


I am going to write a post unlike any I have written before.  I have shown some of my WIPs and UFOs in the past, but the twist here is that I am going to get specific about completions.

This month I want to finish at least 4 more of my QAYG Improv blocks for my grey/yellow/black guest bedroom decor.  I also want to get at least one pair of pillowslips finished for this room.

I have two wall hangings that are ready to quilt.  The first block that I show is from a class I took with Bonnie Hunter in 2012.  I have several of these blocks finished and I have decided to use them in a small piece as a wall hanging instead of trying to make more blocks to have a bed quilt.

This is my Kaleidoscope and I have decided to finish it at the size it is now instead of adding borders to it.

Another workshop that I will be attending will be on making pineapple blocks.  I plan to make enough of these to have a wall hanging.  I want to take this project to completion this month.

These are the only things I am committing to do this month.  If I find I have extra time then I will do some others.

My completions for January included getting my husband's quilt quilted and bound; and completing two of my QAYG Improv blocks.



  1. Very ambitious Sandi! I should sit down and do this list as well. I have so many irons in the fire... You are inspiring me to do SOMETHING along these lines. Thanks Sandi.

    1. Glad you stopped by, Reena! It does sound ambitious. I think I will give it my best shot and I know that something will happen!