Friday, January 31, 2014


Last week I showed you my finished pieced blocks - well, the first two.  This week I have finally finished quilting each of them.

I love the straight line quilting I did.  I tried to do something a little different in each of the different fabric components. 

I tried some curves in the dark gray and I love those.  Makes me think of a river.

I also did some pebbles.  Hmmm, not sure I like these.  I know I will not pick them out, but may not do anymore of these.  Free motion quilting is not relaxing for me and it will require a lot more practice time than I want to give to it.

Speaking of practice:  I am calling this entire project a "practice piece" even though I intend to use it in public on my guest bed.  I am not planning to do any ripping out if something doesn't quite "hit the mark".  I learned the term "organic" when I went to Quilt Con - the first Modern Quilt Conference - in Austin, TX last year.  The term refers to doing "straight-line quilting" mostly in a straight line.  The "mostly" part is what I like.  So my quilting is very organic.

I also chose to do some larger areas with contrasting thread.  It creates a little "sunshine and shadow" effect, I think.

In other areas, I linked together a few components that I could quilt together and make an interesting quilting design.

I guess my very favorite style of quilting in straight lines is what is called matchstick quilting.  These lines are very close together.  Again, this is very "organic". 

I am having a lot of fun with this project.  This is the first two blocks of nine.  I think the size of these  blocks (27" x 30") will give me the size I need for my guest room bed.
I need to make another block, then I can "connect" my blocks for the first row.
Each time I get something finished, I will post.  So stay tuned . . .


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