Sunday, January 5, 2014


Cute wall piece by Linda Meck

"When you perform . . . you are out of yourself -- larger and more potent, more beautiful.  You are for minutes heroic.  This is power.  This is glory on earth.  And it is yours, nightly".
-Agnes deMille

Just going through the motions -- living life like it is a dress rehearsal. 
"Life's not a dress rehearsal" is a saying we have used many times.  Today I am giving it more thought.

I have taken great pleasure in being a master of multitasking over the years.  The more "plates I could juggle" the more accomplished I felt.
Multitasking robs me of living every minute consciously.  Doing many things simultaneously means my focus is dispersed in so many directions that I am not fully involved in the moment and the activity.

It takes more effort to slow down and relish each moment or each hour or each day.  The up side to slowing this pace is a sense of peace and contentment at the end of the day.

In this new year I am asking myself what are the most important things I want to do or get involved with.  Choosing a reasonable number of acts to perform on my stage of a real life journey is forcing me to slow down and relax.

I think there is going to be more power, more excitement, more fulfillment out of real life more frequently if I follow these

Trying to do one thing at a time with full intention sounds like a lofty goal  but I think it will give me a richer life; not just a full life.  Of course, it will encourage me to think twice about how I spend my time.


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