Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Most of the time I make quilts for the sheer pleasure of creating.  I want to try a technique, a pattern, or an idea I have.  It is not common practice for me to always have in mind to give my quilt to someone.  I have made quilts over the years for gifts, of course, but I make more quilts just for the joy of the process.

In the past I have offered to make a quilt for my hubby to use in his recliner when he is watching TV.  His usual response has been that he is  concerned that he might get it dirty or ruin it somehow. So I had not made him a special quilt.

This is the man who is so appreciative of my art and talent and shows me the greatest support as I pursue my craft.

I decided a few months ago that this was the year that he would get a quilt for Christmas.  Since I have design walls behind the door in every bedroom in the house, he usually sees everything I am making in all of its stages.  In fact, I often discuss and ask his opinion on projects.

This Christmas gift quilt had to be a surprise for him.  I was at a quilting retreat when I pieced the top.  After I came home, I finished the back.  However I did not get it quilted before Christmas, so his box had a top, a back, and a note that said "to be finished" in it.

It thrilled me to see the expression on his face when he opened it on Christmas morning.  He was so surprised and pleased!!  He thanked me several times.  I counted it a success.  He said "I never saw this one as you were making it."

I finally have it quilted, bound, and labeled.  The pictures are not the greatest but I was taking them outdoors and the temp was about 12 degrees today.

Hubby is a real music buff and I chose to use two different music fabrics for the backing.  Of course, LilBit is checking to see if she can read this music.  LOL
This quilt was started in 2013, but I am counting it as my first finish for 2014.  The pattern, Lawn Chair Quilt, came from Moda Bakeshop.



  1. Sandy, I love the quilt but love the story behind it even more!

  2. Hi Sandi, I have promised my husband a quilt for over five years and hope to start it soon. Your quilt is lovely and very manly I bet Hubby was happy.

    1. Hubby loves it!! Thanks for stopping by, Sandra!