Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Fabrics collected for my Magic Numbers Quilt
A couple of my friends, Carol and Phyllis, are going to take a class with me that is being taught by another friend, Denise.  It is called "Magic Numbers Quilt" and it is a Modern, Improv, Quilt-as-you-Go quilt of any size you choose.  I am thinking I want mine to be queen size for my guest room bed.  We shall see if that is what I do. 

I have been collecting grey fabrics for a while to make a quilt for my guest room.  Here is the perfect opportunity. 

All of the fabric has been starched and ironed and ready to start.  This is an 8-week long class. 

Lots of talk has been going around about "low volume" quilts.  This will be my attempt at "low volume".

I will continually post as I progress through each class.



  1. Great colors....I hope you all have a great time and enjoy your class..