Thursday, July 10, 2014


When I started quilting I was self-taught.  Having been a sewist for most of my life (made my first pillow at age 10), I thought I could teach myself to quilt.  It worked out fine.  As time went by I decided to take classes and improve my skills.

I was like most quilters when I started.  I thought everyone would want a quilt!  Oh my, found out that was not totally the case!

One of the first quilts I ever made was a gift for someone.  I took into consideration that this person was a craftsman and I chose some fabrics that looked like wood grains and stones and decided to make a simple Stack and Whack called Pointless Wonder.  Not sure I remember who wrote this pattern. 

I thought it was perfect and I called the finish, "Stars for Construction".  I was thanked properly for it, but with little enthusiasm.  After all, it was totally machine made and not "hand quilted".  You know the story - not a real quilt if done by machine.

I gave the finished quilt (really small size) for a Christmas gift.  When I would visit I would see it lying on the back of the couch.  Not sure it was big enough to ever be used much. 

This is a really ugly quilt!!  It is very dull and boring.  The only thing I find interesting is the way I put the sashing in and did not use cornerstones!

The quilt has now come back to me since the recipient has passed away.  I look at this little quilt and remember how proud I was when I completed it in  2002.

So, I look at it now and wonder "What was I thinking?"  That little jewel is so pitiful!!  It is loosely quilted and I used some kind of poly batting that has not behaved well at all.

I simply did what I knew at the time. As I review my quilts over the years I see myself improving.  My quilts have continued to evolve. 



  1. It was so special for the time of experience you had at the time and the love you put into it. I love it. And it was very inventive for the time. I didn't realize you had not
    Been an experienced perfect quilter in 2002. So it's all relative. You were one if my idols then and now.