Thursday, July 17, 2014


Throwback Thursday 2 is another post about one of my very first quilts.
My daughter's heritage from her paternal side of the family is Irish.  When I first started quilting I decided to make an Irish Chain quilt for her.  I used Eleanor Burns pattern.

This label says the quilt was made in 1998.  I had just started quilting and was still stumbling along.

The fabrics are definitely examples of a tentative quilter.  One light, one medium light, and one medium.  Not much contrast.  Just enough to see the pattern.

This quilt is queen size and was quilted on my domestic sewing machine.  The pictures are current.  She still uses that quilt.

Yes, that is LilBit resting on the pillow!

So many of my quilts live with my daughter and her family.  I am trying to photograph all of them and get them into albums on my computer.  I have some hard copy pictures, but they have not been journaled well at all.


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