Thursday, July 24, 2014


This Throwback Thursday is not about quilting.  It is about summertime living.

When I buy green beans in the summertime, I follow a certain ritual when I prepare them.  Sometimes I am going to have only one meal from what I bought at the Open Air Market and other times I buy enough to freeze some for later.

No matter how much I have, I still follow the ritual of sitting on my back porch in my swing and breaking the beans.  This is how I remember the way we did it when I was growing up.

This morning was that morning this week for me to break beans.  I had enough for this evening's supper and more for later that I put in my freezer.

When I am doing this my mind wanders back to the days when we played outside, usually barefoot, until it was dark.  Since we had no air conditioning, we simply found a shady spot for cooling off.

Just thinkin' about "Summertime and the livin' is easy . . . "

This was LilBit's contribution to the morning's  activity.

She just "sunbathed" on the rug by the door!

Do you have "rituals" like this?  Things you do because they bring back great memories of a "time gone by"?


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