Sunday, February 22, 2015


I started this project in January 2012 and have finished it in February 2015.

I started with these fabrics to make a hexagon project.  

I worked on it watching TV; riding in the car on trips to see my grandchildren compete in wrestling, basketball, and football; and while waiting in various offices.  My hubs thought I would never finish it!

 I worked on it in sections.

Another set of units

One of the larger component sections
Here the design starts to develop

When I reached this point it was large enough for my 48 inch breakfast room table.  

 I liked this size so I added some borders and called it a finished top.

Channel quilting seemed to be perfect for finishing this piece.
All of the piecing was done by hand.  Over 570 hexies were used.  I did not hand quilt this because I was just ready for it to be finished!

LilBit loves this quilt.  She has on her little shirts because it is very cold today.

And, of course, she will just take a little rest while Mom takes her picture (again)!!

I am already working on some more hexies for more projects.  They are so addictive and fun to make.

Will post more on the new hexies later.


* inspired by a project by Bonnie K. Hunter, Quiltville USA

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