Monday, April 2, 2012


It is a beautiful morning!  Mother Robin is sitting on her nest and the other birds are singing.  There are hundreds of tadpoles in the pond and I am leaving to walk with my friend.

I came home from my walk and had a large glass of green tea, I was ready to tackle the chores of the day.  NOT!!
My sentiments today!!  I am having a hard time getting my housework done today.  I brought the vacuum cleaner down to the living room.  
Doesn't it look nice sitting there in front of the fireplace?

Then I saw my Hexies on the sofa.  Oh well, I will just make a few.

After I did this, it was time to check on Mother Robin again.  She is still just sitting.

Wonder what's going on in the Studio?
I can't tell you much about these little things because they are a surprise, but I just had to sew them together and round up the buttons.  Anything to avoid running the vacuum.

I came back downstairs and saw the quilt ladder in the corner.  It still had green and white quilts left over from March.  Well, that has to be changed right now.

Yes, indeed, those spring quilts look much better for April.

Okay, still no vacuuming.  Oh, it is so pretty outside.

I will just water the new plants in the planters.  It hasn't rained since day before yesterday.
Still no vacuuming.

Are you able to read this expression as well as I am?  This is KeeKee and she doesn't like the vacuum cleaner either.  That look on her face is saying, "Get the vacuuming done already.  I have been waiting all day for you to put that thing out of my sight."

Okay, ready or not, here I go.  Vacuum is being turned on    WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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