Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The last time I checked on the baby Robins was late yesterday afternoon.  They were all safe and snug in their nest.  They definitely were expecting dinner soon.
This morning when I went for the newspaper and looked over at the nest, I could not see a single little head.
I went upstairs to the porch, which has been my vantage point, and looked down and saw this

They are clearly gone.  I am surprised at what I think is an early departure.
Last year we had Robins in the back yard and those babies stayed a loonngg time.  They were completely feathered and big before they left.
I know we have another resident around here who might be responsible for this early departure.  Our garden snake who lives in the backyard may have discovered the nest in the front yard.

Sometimes I am not happy with how the Food Chain in Nature works.

I am sad and I will miss them.  Thanks for enjoying this adventure with me. 


  1. Alas, I would look for feathers at the base of the tree. I suspect they were taken by an owl or opossum. Good news being that I bet you get another bird family soon.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Maddie. I don't see any feathers or evidence that they were ever here. The owl or opossum makes sense. We hear the owls all the time and we KNOW we have opossums all around. We live in the woods ya know.

  2. How were such a good grand"bird"mother too!