Thursday, April 12, 2012


Papa Robin arrived with food just as I arrived with my camera.

The little guys are stretching up with mouths wide open

"Okay, we must share, there is some for everyone"

"Ahhh, Home Sweet Home"

" I am leaving now.  I will bring more food later."

Home Alone

Earlier today there were only two babies in the nest.
I am making these pictures from the second floor porch.  So I went downstairs and out to the tree.  I wanted to trim some of the small branches away so I could get better photos.  There at the foot of the tree was another baby that had fallen out of the nest.  I did not have the camera so I have no picture.  I picked it up and put it in the nest.  Now it does appear that there are three babies, maybe four in the nest.
More to follow ...



  1. What a lucky family to be living in your yard. I hope readers of your blog who have children or grandchildren will show the progress of baby birds and how their parents take care of them and prepare them for life.