Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Someone gave me this large bag of selvages.  Many of them are in the blue and green family.

I started string piecing them onto muslin squares.
It looks pretty good.  Some of the strings had very little extra fabric.  Note to self:  when you cut off selvages leave about 1/2" so some of the color will show as they are assembled.

Then I trimmed it up and squared it for my blocks.

I like this.  I made two of them.  One  for the front and one for the back of the little bag.

This old, broken rule came in handy to make the "snap" closures.

This little bag is too cute.  It was so much fun making this in an afternoon.

Here is a link to a wonderful tutorial for making your own Snappy Bag.



  1. How resourceful to use the selvages. The results show professional work for sure. I want to do this.

    You budget your time well and it shows in how much you get done.


    P.S. It makes me a bit sad to know the little family in your tree is no longer there.

    1. I miss the little birdies too, Lucy. The little snappy bag is easy and fun.

  2. Well did you know I've been staring at a bunch of selvages for over a week, wondering what I would do with them! What a cute bag you made - what's the saying about "imitation...sincerest form of flattery" - I think I'm going to 'flatter' you very soon!