Sunday, May 20, 2012


Lots of people enjoy going to a neighborhood yard sale or chasing down yard sales in their part of town for a Saturday outing.  These are always fun and are usually the "leftovers" from some one's Spring cleaning or a downsize or just needing to "get rid of some stuff".  My husband and I have done our share of these sales too.

These days when the words "Yard Sale" are spoken at my house it means something entirely different. About 4 years ago, my DH decided he would like to do some Saturday Flea Markets around our area. These started out as small sales and now have grown into a very fun, busy Saturday Sale-a-Thon once or twice a month.  He loved doing it and meeting people so he started looking around for ways to collect "inventory".  It was impossible for us to have enough of our own stuff to re-sell.  He would go to Estate Sales and neighborhood yard sales looking for things he thought he could re-sell. 

After a couple of years he invited me to come along and help him a little.  He began to train me to be his "assistant yard seller".  Now I travel with him for the three major Yard Sales:  Highway 11 Antique Alley; Highway 41 Dixie Highway Sale; and Highway 127 Longest Yard Sale. He builds inventory year round and we load up our treasures and head out to the "BIG" sales.

This past weekend was the Highway 11 Antique Alley Sale and we had a spot in McDonald, TN located between Ooltewah and Cleveland, TN.

Here is what it looks like when we finally get unloaded and put all the "stuff" out onto the tables in the boxes.  This is when it looks like a big mess.
Then we separate it into categories on the tables.  

Housewares Department

Camping Supplies

Collectible Knick Knacks
Sporting Goods

Glassware and Bottles
Toys and Collectibles

More bottles

Now it is time to look around and see who our "neighbors" are.  Many of the vendors set up with the tents and their tables.
These two ladies had clothes and furniture among their wares.
Some vendors have special "selling" caps they wear no matter what the season.
The vendor on the left is our resident "electronics guru" with his wares.

DH is helping a customer choose the perfect guitar!

These three friends are enjoying their annual "road trip" to buy.
            We had good crowds, great weather, and lots of fun.

When it is over and done with, we must load up the tables and gather up the empty boxes and head home to get ready for the next time. 

One very tired DH who is happy with his weekend of Yard Selling!




  1. Replies
    1. No, he never sells it all. He sold about 75% of it. He will be re-stocking because we have the Dixie Highway Sale in less than 2 weeks.

  2. Wish I could have made it to the sale but plan to hit one of the other two if weather, health, obligations, oh you know what I mean, life in general doesn't get in the way!

    1. Hope to see you at one of our next ones. It sounds like you live in our area ??

  3. Hey there Lady well it is wonderful to read that you and DH had a great weekend....glad it turned out well for you to you soon....

    1. The most fun is just spending time together.

  4. This is lots of work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is lots of work but it seems to be so rewarding for DH. Happy that you drop in to the blog regularly and I truly appreciate all your comments. Thank you for taking the time.