Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sister gives me lots of neat gifts.  She sent me this card a few years ago and I took it apart and framed it for my studio.  It sums up how I feel about my art/quilting.

She came for a visit this weekend and once more brought me a cute gift.  These little yo-yos make the cutest push pins for my tack board.

Another neat gift was this framed puzzle with the cat and the quilts.  This cat looks like my KeeKee.

She had her friend, Cathy, cross stitch this beautiful piece for my studio.  Doesn't this just say it all?

I could continue showing my gifts but I want to tell you about our "Sisters' Weekend".
She arrived on Thursday in time to meet me for lunch.  Afterwards we had an afternoon of chatting before we headed out to my Greatful Threads Guild Meeting.  This is a guild of art quilters.  We thoroughly enjoyed all of the Show and Tell projects, but the real fun came when Denise offered the program.  We were invited to make a cute example of painting on fabric.  First, Denise showed us some examples and gave us some instruction on possible ways to do the project.  We were working on small squares of fabric.
Right here I need to point out that my sister is not a quilter.  Not a quilter of any kind!  She is a talented musician, writer, and composer.  She was a really good sport about going to this meeting and trying this project with me.
Now let the fun begin.  We chose our patterns and picked out our supplies.   Of course, Gigi chose a cat and I chose a frog.
This is Gigi getting the low-down.
Of course, we have to get tickled.  It is no fun if we aren't making fun of ourselves and each other as we demonstrate our "creativity".
Do you want to see what we have to show for the evening?  Get ready, here they come . . .
This is Gigi's cat, Tallulah! 

My frog, Croaker, on his lily pad.

No Sisters' Weekend is complete unless we do some shopping at the Antique stores and Architectural Exchange.
First a little browsing . . .
"It" has to be here somewhere.

Do you think this corbel will make a nice towel holder for my newly updated bath?

We found a few more things and moved on to check other places and other things.

Loved this pillow. . .

Had a great lunch at Niedlov's Bakery.

The rest of our visit was spent chatting and relaxing.  It was sad to see her leave, but there will be a next time. 



  1. What a weekend you and your sister had! Two talented sisters. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

    I am forwarding this to my sister-in-law who has been making yo-yos for her granddaughters 16th birthday party. The girls will be given one to pin in their hair.

  2. What a cute idea for hair pins!