Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Workshops and Retreats are two things that most quilters really enjoy.  Recently a group of 5 friends decided to have a Workshop/Retreat and I was the teacher.
I chose a project to teach them a couple of new techniques.  They were going to learn to make Flying Geese blocks using Eleanor Burns' Flying Geese Ruler.  The other technique was to make prairie points and use them in the interior of the quilt as part of the border.
One of the gals found us the perfect location.  This is the clubhouse of PYC out at the lake.  Look at that blue sky.

Aren't these sailboats beautiful?
And our view from the work space.

The tables are set up and the extension cords are in place.  We are about ready to start.

Of course we needed to have our M&Ms for emergencies and our little thread catchers so we could be tidy and neat.

We brought our fabrics with some pre-cut to make our units.

We started making 4-Patch blocks.


Look at all the different combos of fabrics we chose.

First completed block
Three more to go

One of our buddies wasn't able to make it to the Workshop/Retreat.  We missed you, Linda!!

I want you to meet everyone else.
Phyllis at the cutting table.

Carol sewing borders.

Suzan adding sashing.

Sandy making her blocks.

Our view while we were eating lunch.  A tug pushing a load along.

This is not a very good picture because of the glare (and probably the photographer) but this is the deck where we ate our lunch.
This was such a peaceful, relaxing place to have our Workshop/Retreat.

The girls did not finish their tops at the Retreat and we will continue working on them at our regular Bee group meetings coming up.  I will post final pictures when we get the tops done.
Then we will do a Workshop on Quilting on our domestic machines using this project.

One of the things that the girls want me to do on the blog is add tips.  I always have tips on how to save time, be creative, or how to clean an iron.

The TIP for this time is about a tablecloth.  I suggest that each student bring an inexpensive flannel backed tablecloth to use for a design wall.  It helps in laying out the blocks. If you need to take them home to finish you can leave them on the cloth and nothing shifts.



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