Monday, May 14, 2012


I have often been asked what stitch I use to bind my quilts.  I have always used what I called "the invisible hem stitch" because it does not show.  I have even used contrasting thread to bind and it never showed.

A couple of samples of bindings I have done on
recent quilts.

The folks over at Turning Twenty Blog have done a very nice tutorial on how this stitch is constructed.

The official name for it is THE INVISIBLE LADDER STITCH.

Check our their tutorial:

This will give your quilts a much better appearance and there is much less danger of the stitches ever pulling out.



  1. This is something I have wondered about. The technique you use to bind off a quilt. Not only does it make the quilt look more professionally made. The stitches are less likely to pull out.

    I needed this tip.

    Thank you, Sandi.