Monday, May 13, 2013


My friend, Denise, offered an introductory class to making an Art Quilt.  I signed up.

The first project was a pieced wall hanging using a slice and dice technique.  My project was destined to hang in my family room over the fireplace.

Here is the palette I chose: 

The background fabric is left over from another project of a few years ago.  I love the energy of the different colors.

Then I added the batiks in the range of orange/gold and blue/green.

The first block is a slice and dice.

These were the first week blocks we made.  This technique was fun to work with.

Our second block was a wonky log cabin. 

There were no directions as to how many of each block to make.  We were to choose our own layout and to make as many or as few of each block as we felt we needed.

I am calling this wall hanging  "Which Direction?"

The second project involves rusting some fabric.  I will post that later.




  1. I love it! It reminds me of the kids' game "Pick Up Sticks". And the colors are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, BJ. It does look like that game, doesn't it?