Friday, May 31, 2013


Going to brag about my town again!!  Yep!  I was downtown again this week for a couple of meetings and rode the shuttle.  The electric shuttle is the greatest form of transportation in the city.  The convenience of parking the car in one place and then "shuttling" up and down the town is beyond words for me.  I hate trying to find parking and all of that getting in and out of the car -- nope, I don't like doing that.  I just park at the garage at the ChooChoo and head out for my errands.

While I was waiting for the shuttle to return -- it runs on a 5-7 minute cycle-- I was looking around at the boarding station and spied the parked electric shuttle with Claire Vassort's art piece. 
This project is a collaborative effort by CARTA, Public Art Chattanooga, and River City Company.

"Art in Motion celebrates public art's contribution to a vibrant community and also serves as a symbol of downtown revitalization efforts that span over twenty-five years."
There are five different artists participating in this program.
This piece is entitled Breath of Life by Claire Vassort and it is hand painted on silk.
I had the great pleasure of taking a class with Claire recently and learning the fundamentals of this technique.
Isn't this great??  I love seeing these shuttles going around town with local artists' work displayed on them.

Here is a detail of the tree!!  Cannot get enough of the beauty of this work.  I had to study it in detail as I was waiting for my shuttle to arrive.

This is another link to show you some more interesting things about my favorite city!
Thank you to Barbara Weibel for a wonderful blog entry.
Please come visit Chattanooga soon!!!  For all the quilters coming to AQS Quilt Week in September 2014, bring your families.  They will love "doing our town" while you spend time on the Show Floor and in classes.


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