Saturday, May 11, 2013


So, it's Mother's Day.  My precious mother lost her battle with cancer at the early age of 62 and has not been with me through the greater part of my adult life.  I miss her and so often remember things she said and things she did.  She had some funny little  sayings and ways of expressing herself that my sister and I often laugh about.  My daughter remembers her "Gran" as being the adult in her life who never said "No" when she wanted to play in her costume jewelry and sit on her vanity stool for hours trying on Gran's earrings and necklaces and admiring herself in the mirror.  Yes, I do miss her!!  And I know my daughter still misses her, too.

I was a very young woman when I was widowed with an eight-year-old daughter to raise on my own.  Those years of being a single mom were some of the toughest I have ever had.  I was afraid that I was not giving her everything she needed to become a responsible adult who would make her mark and contribution in the world in the best possible way.  Oftentimes I was so very strict and would discipline her to the point that she thought I was demanding perfection.  To me it was not striving for perfection, but, rather, it was pushing her to be the best person she could possibly be for herself.

There were some testy years in there as she spread her wings and I tried to keep her wings clipped a little closer than she liked.

A writing assignment that she was given in high school produced a paper that I still cherish.  I have framed it and I keep it in my studio where I can read it often.  As I recall, it was her Religion Class and the textbook was the Bible.  The students were asked to choose a scripture passage to use for the basis of their theme and to write about a person that had influenced their lives.

I will share what my seventeen-year-old daughter wrote:

                                     A VIRTUOUS WOMAN

A wife, a mother, and a friend, of nobler character one cannot find.
She is more precious than all the treasures of the world.
Her husband admires her and values her opinion greatly.
She loves him and gives to him what he needs completely.
She not only promised to, but she does love, honor and cherish him,
and he the same of her.
She works hard on anything she does, especially caring for her family.
She wishes only the best for her children, and is willing to go to any price to get it, even when they don't realize it.
She may be small in physical height, but to me she stands above any mountain or monument.
She cares for others, and in her job she wishes and succeeds at making people feel good about themselves.
She seems to always know what to say when I need it most, and even when I do not receive her words well, she understands.
She wants me to be independent; and with a teacher and example like her, how could I not be so?
She takes care of the house, the family and the job - and with all these, only the best will do.
She expects much from her children because she gives them much.
She's there with a listening ear and an encouraging word always available to turn to.
Many women do noble things, but she surpasses them all.
She scolds when it is necessary and loves when it is needed and she always cares!
Some say "there's no place like home", I say
There's no place like Mom!"
                                             Heather Neeley
                                            Girls' Preparatory School 
                                            Source:  Proverbs 31

This is the same daughter that now has two sons of her own and I see her excelling in loving and teaching them to be the best that they can be. 

Thank you, my sweet daughter, I love you with all my heart!!

It is indeed a "Happy Mother's Day"!



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