Friday, May 31, 2013


There are so many sites that offer inspiration, tips, and support or encouragement and we all see these pop up on Facebook pages.  Many times I will "share" when I think it speaks to me. 

Rarely do I feel drawn to write about one in a blog, but this one really captured my attention.

I move in a lot of "mostly female groups" and it seems that with all of our moods, there are times when we forget how to be fair and non-judgmental.  It is enough that we use our own personal experience to make judgment calls, but, even worse, we are sometimes prone to use someone else's experience base to make a decision with regard to another person's style, personality, knowledge, or purpose.  Even when we were not there to see it first-hand.

I think we often forget that all of us carry a "her-story" that is not always evident to the public image we see when we meet her.  Sometimes a decision to dislike or criticize or judge the motives of another are based on something we have heard from another person in a situation where we have no knowledge of the circumstances or context. 

It is not my purpose in this post to discipline or to direct another's behavior.  My purpose here is to remind me and others to take a step back and re-think how we treat our responses and judgments until we have had sufficient experience to come to a fair and reasonable decision.

For me,  it is always sad when I realize that someone has totally misunderstood the reason or motive for another's behavior without taking the time to give the person "the benefit of the doubt".  Unfortunately we live in a time in our culture , it seems to me, that a lot of people are always looking for the worst in others, rather than trying to find the best and support the good in each other.

Okay, enough on this rant!!  I hope you have a great weekend and can find a way to let another "friend or acquaintance" know that you appreciate them and support them in their efforts in their craft/art.



  1. Sandi I want to thank you for posting this. It is not a rant but a very true statement that does happen a time or two to all of us. So thank you for the "check" mark!

    1. I am glad you found it of value, Sharon! Thank you for your comment!!

  2. And I, too thank you for your thoughts. It's always good to challenge ourselves to think before we speak. (Something I don't always remember to do!)

    I'd rather err on the side of generosity of thought than to make a harsh judgement and be wrong.