Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Last weekend was the Longest Yard Sale and my hubby and I were vendors.  We had four great days of selling.

On Saturday one of the vendors brought this cute little puppy to sell.  I fell in love with her from the get-go.  She has such a cute face and she only weighs 2 pounds.  She is personality plus!!

For several months I have been looking for the perfect little house dog.  I wanted one that would be a good lap dog as well as one that enjoyed playing games with me.

I have a cat, her name is KeeKee, and she is 4 years old and weighs 12 pounds.  She is not a lap cat.  In fact, she is a DIVA.  She was very affectionate as a kitten, but her personality has changed as she has grown.  She does not really even like to be picked up anymore.  Of course, she must initiate each quilt as it is finished.

The relationship between cat and dog is ongoing.  Right now, the dog is in control and the cat does not know what to make of this teeny little bundle of fur that is not intimidated by her hisses.

I wanted a pet that thought I was the greatest thing on the planet.  My cat clearly thinks I was placed here to serve her and she could care less about how special I might feel if she paid any attention to me.  This universe is only about her.

So the search was on.  I wanted a toy dog that thought I hung the moon and would always be happy and ecstatic to see me.
When I met this little four-month-old Yorkie she was all over me and her whole body was wagging, not just her stub of a tail.
She cuddled and licked and cuddled more.

She had been named Tess and for 3 days we had tried to call her Tess, but it just was not working.  The name was way too "big" girl for such a petite little feisty gal.  We have finally settled on calling her "Little Bit" and sometimes, we say "Bits".  It is working and she responds well to this name.

The process is on.  Walking her, training her, feeding her, and cuddling with her all take up my time.  This means I have not been to the studio all week.  I plan to get there tomorrow or the next day. Of course, Little Bit will be going there with me.  Another adventure for her and lots more smiles and laughter for me.

In the meantime I am having the time of my life with Little Bit.  She is such a tenacious and sturdy little bitty furry bundle!!



  1. I love to watch our pets interact -- the Aussie and the kitty -- who was an only child for a long time. You'll have hours of delight and laughter with yours, too, I'm sure. Sounds like you've made selections with lots of personality (to match their mistress) !!

  2. I wondered about KeeKee as I read about Little Bit.

    With both of them supervising and inspecting your quilting, imagine the final products!