Friday, August 31, 2012


At the beginning of August my DH selected another WIP from the bowl with all many of the unfinished/in progress projects that I have in the studio.  The one he selected was listed as #8 on the master list.  It is a set of 9-patch blocks that  started with a Moda Jelly Roll.
I have tried several different layouts but did not choose one.  I still have to make a block or two more.  Inspiration has not been forthcoming on how to finish this quilt.  I kept setting it aside as other things began to happen during the month.

Early in August was the Longest Yard Sale and DH and I are vendors.  We were involved for two weeks with setup, selling, and breakdown.  It was a huge success for us, but indeed a lot of work.
These are our tents with twelve tables of merchandise.

Another thing that happened at the Longest Yard Sale was the purchase of a Yorkie Puppy.  Her name is Little Bit.

She was four months old when we brought her home with us.  Puppies require a lot of time and attention and she was no exception.  Now that she is a little older and trained, she is not a lot of trouble and she brings bundles of joy to our lives.

As the month progressed my life became a little more hectic.  I had a windfall.  An opening  occurred at a nearby retreat center and I was invited to go.  I accepted and thought I would work on this WIP there.  I love to work on a big project when I go to retreats. I went to Grand Oak Retreat in Scottsboro, AL.  I had a really great time and met some new quilters.

In the meantime someone commissioned me to make a quilt to give for a Christmas gift.  I thought I could use my time at the retreat to make the top for this customer.  Again I set aside this month's WIP.  So I spent my four days cutting and sewing on this:
I was really pleased with the way it turned out.  Scrappy quilts are so much fun.

During the next week after Retreat, I went to Birmingham for a day trip to visit my grandsons before school started and for Little Bit to meet the boys and their dog, Hoss.

This is Nick and he is nine years old.

Hoss is a Teacup Chihuahua.  He is a lot bigger than Little Bit.

A few days after I returned, my DH went to the hospital to have the first of two Hip Replacement Surgeries. 

 We spent two nights and three days at the hospital.  During that time I worked some on my Hexie project.  I almost finished one more section.

Our children came up and spent the weekend before surgery  with us celebrating our older grandson's sixteenth birthday.  What fun was that !!!

This is Preston and he is a Junior at Hoover High School.

During this month I taught a class making Zippy Strippy Bags with my Piecemakers Bee Group.  Still I did not work on the WIP.  I could not get any inspiration for setting it.

I have a full, rewarding, and exciting life!!!  I try to live each day to the fullest!!  This is not a dress rehearsal, life is the real thing!

This month's WIP will be carried over to September and will surely be completed during that month.  Somehow, I could not get it going for August.  Wonder Why????



  1. Sandi with your schedule in the month of August I'm shocked that you even had time to breath! Goodness you have had much going on so the WIP will just have to wait it's turn. Family is too precious to miss out on time with them, and nothing can compete with a furbaby! I have never tried to make a master list of all of my WIP's. I'm afraid that I would have to use a roll of adding machine tape because it would be so long! Have a great night.

    1. I did not realize how busy the month had been until I started writing. :-)

  2. Looks to me you have your priorities in order, Sandi. Love the new scrap quilt, your good-looking grandsons and the new baby, of course! Glad your hubby is recovering well. The WIP will wait a bit hurry. Have a lovely September! Gayle