Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's my turn to write again.  Oh, yes, this is Lil Bit.  Now my folks are calling me Bit-Bit, Bits, and Lil Bit.
They think I don't know the difference but I do.  It's okay with me, though, because they are so fun to play with.

Last week Mom and I took a trip to visit the grandsons down in Alabama.  It was the last week of summer break for them.

This is Nick.  He is in the fourth grade and I just love him.  He likes to play with me. He will throw toys for me to fetch.  I don't really fetch 'cause I keep the toys for myself.

This is Nick's big brother, Preston, who is a junior in high school.  He is really old.  I love him, too.  He knows how to play with me and tease me to get me to run and jump.  Someday, I think he wants to be a vet.  I love my vet so I know what that is.  I think he will be a good vet, too.

These guys are really neat, but I really went to meet "the Hoss".  He is a teacup chihuahua and he weighs about 5 pounds.  His name really is Hoss.  I guess it makes him think he is big stuff.

We had so much fun running and chasing and playing.

Look how big Hoss is.  We were running so fast that we were just a blur for Mom to take the pictures.

Can you hear him barking??  He was so loud.  Finally I had to show him I could bark too.  My mom told me when we came home that I was not going to bark so much.  She likes me to be a quieter pet.

He sure is a lot bigger than I am.  Can you see how fast we were running?  Mom couldn't get us in focus we were so fast.

It was my best day ever!!  Hoss is so much fun.  I want to go back soon and play ALL day!

I slept all the way home.  Whew, I was tired but happy.

                                                    -lil bit

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